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Ways to clean your iPhone

Ways to clean your iPhone

You would be wondering why I should clean my iPhones. Actually iPhones like any other electronic devices are prone to getting defects from dust. So it is necessary to clean the iPhones at a regular interval. But how will you clean it? Here is the procedure to clean iPhones.

It is actually very simple to clean the iPhone. You would only need a microfiber cloth and clean water to clean it. But is not a simple method you might even get your iPhone to get water damaged by this method. The right way to do this is first to dip your cloth into the water and let it saturated for a bit. Now make sure that there is no water in the cloth by rubbing the edge of the cloth into a mirror or glass. After that, gently rub the cloth on your iPhone to get it cleaned. If you need a professional help approach iPad Service Center in Chennai.


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