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Unlocked Phones and its advantages and disadvantages

In recent years cell phones have grown exponentially in almost every country in the world. Similarly, the phone manufacturing companies also have grown accordingly due to demand in the market. Today smartphones are ones which dominate the cellphone market. In smartphones there two types Locked and Unlocked phones. Get repair service for both phones from iPhone Service Center in Chennai. We are going to see both advantages and disadvantages of the unlocked in this blog.


There are many benefits of using an unlocked phone. This type of phones is compatible with the same networks that need not be changed when going to the new country. This type of using the same network for different countries is not possible in CDMA technology. This is the main reason people prefer unlocked phone because you need not depend on the same network provider.


The main disadvantage of these unlocked phones is their cost. Unlocked phones cost more than locked phones. Most of the CDMA network providers offer the phone at low cost due to the contract customer has with the company.


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