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How to Unlock the iPhone?

How to Unlock the iPhone?

Compared to Android phones iPhones are very restrictive in many ways. But by simply unlocking your phone you can enjoy multiple networks that cannot be done in a locked iPhone. Apple iPhone Service Center in Chennai does repair service for iPhones.


Here are some simple tips to unlock your iPhone

Find an Unlocking Service

The major step you must do before unlocking your phone is to find professional. There are many companies that offer unlock service for your iPhone in online. The service is directly responsible for the result you get. So choose a company which lists the details about the procedure on their website.

Retrieve the IMEI code of your iPhone

The next step is to get listed in the Apple unlocked phone list. For that, you need IMEI code of your Phone. You can get the code by Dialling *#06# in your phone. After this, you will get a unlock code. Using this code you can unlock your phone.


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