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Troubleshooting your iphone

Troubleshooting your iphone

At some point in time, you may experience some issues with your iPhone. But before trying to do something find out what caused the issue. Troubleshooting your iPhone is not difficult as you would think it is. You might be surprised to know that you can troubleshoot your iPhone yourself even if you are not a tech-savvy person. But for big problems, Apple iPhone Service Center in Chennai can help you to fix your iPhone.


Always charge your iPhone with a high powered USB port. When charging with low powered port your charging rate will be slower. Only use iPhone AC adapter or a high powered port to charge your iPhone. When you have charging issues the battery indicator will change red and screen will go black.


If an app is frozen while restarting then you must cancel the frozen app before restarting the phone. For canceling the frozen app you must hold the power button for about 5secs the window will open to cancel the frozen app. Now after canceling the frozen app, you can restart the phone.


If your phone is becoming slow then restoring the phone to its default setting is the best option. To restore, click on restore in the summary tab within iTunes app. This will wipe all the pieces of information in the iPhone.


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