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Tools Used by iPhone Repairing Stores

Tools Used by iPhone Repairing Stores

Even though Apple provides warranty for its products; physical damage will not come under the warranty. In this case, there is no other way other than of taking your iPhone to a service center. Have you ever wondered what type of tools these stores use to fix the damaged iPhone?  Here are some of the tools used in Apple Service Center in Chennai.

Universal Display Removal Fixture

This tool is created by Apple to give access to the internal section of the phone without damaging any parts within it. The experts will use the suction cup to smoothly pull up the display to change or repair it.

Speaker Replacement

If there is a problem in hearing calls in the iPhone.  Professionals can fix it by replacing the components like speakers, receivers, sim module, battery, and display by using the set of Tweezers and SIM Ejector Tool.


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