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Take care of your iPhone


If you have brought a new mobile phone, you need to protect it. Battery is the most important part in the mobile phone. If you take care of your battery, you can increase its life span.

Most of the people nowadays using iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Some of them experience sudden and unusual issues while using those phones.

Activation issues

The most common problem faced by the individuals using iPhone 7 is activation problem. To use the iPhone efficiently and properly, you need to activate it. Activating the phone is one of the stressful tasks. Some issues involved in activating the phone include the unstable internet connection and the server traffic. The best solution for this is to connect to a reliable Wi-Fi connection and plug the iPhone to the computer to continue the process. The individuals are needed to make sure that their iTunes are up to date. It is very essential to activate your personal iTunes account. If the issue exists, you can immediately contact the expert technicians in the Apple Service Center in Chennai.

Wi-Fi disconnects frequently

A Wi-Fi disconnection is another problem faced by the iPhone users. Some users experience this issue frequently. To avoid this issue check the signal strength of the modem. Make sure you are in range of the signal.

Lightning ear pod stop working

Another issues faced by the iPhone 7 user is the lightning ear pod stops to work. The lightening ear pod is basically an updated version of existing ear pods. These ear pods connect to the iPhone through the lightning port. In some cases, the ear pod headphones are unable to operate their tunes, with call answering, volume management and Siri activation. To aid this issue, you need to update iOS. To update the iOS, you can approach the Apple iPhone Service Center in Chennai.

Hissing sound

Some iPhone 7 users can also hear a hissing sound. The experts claim that this sound comes from the processor firing up while rebooting. The sound will disappear naturally. If the sound persists, you can contact iPhone Service Center in Chennai to fix the issue.


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