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Amazing things you can do with your Apple watch

Amazing things you can do with your Apple watch Apple watch connects to your iPhone to provide notifications and to run apps. It acts as a smart watch and is known as iPhone watch. It is same as an iPhone placed on your wrist. If you understand what to do with your Apple watch, it will give you a great…read more →

The iPhone camera

The iPhone camera Most of us wondered about the iPhone camera. It is because to develop its technology, Apple has an army of people to work. For perfecting the iPhone camera, the company has more than 800 engineers. The iPhone camera is the most used part of the iPhone. The employees of the company put a great effort to make…read more →


AirPower Apple introduces a wireless charging pad. It charges your iPhone, Air pods and Apple watch. AirPower works without the special case. You don’t need to plug in your iPhone. You just plop your iPhone on to the AirPower pad, it starts charging. Place the AirPower anywhere and plug it. Then place your Apple devices on the pad. An electromagnetic…read more →