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Symptoms of malfunction in Touchscreen Digitizer

Symptoms of malfunction in Touchscreen Digitizer

If you are using a smartphone, Weather it is an iPhone, I pad or other phones it must have a digital touchscreen. In case if you don’t know what digital digitizer is, it is a thin film-like plastic that adheres to the glass of the phone that has touchscreen sensitivity. The digitizer sends the information about the touch sensitivity of your finger in the screen to the motherboard. Basically, the digitizer is the one responsible for the all the touch functions in your screen. But these digitizers can malfunction at sometimes; during this situation Apple iPhone Service Center in Chennai can help you to fix this issue.

Here are the symptoms when your screen is malfunctioning.

  • The touchscreen does not respond like before when you are touching it.
  • The response time of the screen is slow compared to before.
  • There some areas of the screen that does not respond well when touching.
  • Some applications in the phone open automatically without your intent.


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