In this blog, we will see about how to screen share and control Macs, iPhone, and iPad natively. However, the user can use third-party options like Team Viewer and LogMeIn to screen share with the other device.

The most preferred trick of iPhone users is using QuickTime on a Mac to careen share an IOS device. This is obviously possible only if the person you are helping only has an Apple device. For that, the above two tricks will be definitely useful.


Instead of struggling with the audio call, it’s better to have the other person to take the face time call and keep the device in front of the other device which is struggling with. It allows to control the device and will make you understand what the problem is.

IOS screen recording

In case if it not possible to take the FaceTime call means, make the user take the IOS screen record and get it shared with the other. This will be very easy to troubleshoot the device and help your friends or family to do that.

Mac to Mac screen sharing

This will be the easiest way to help your friends to troubleshoot when you take control of their device. Before you start doing make sure that screen sharing checkbox is checked in the system preferences.

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