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Replacement parts for iPhone

Replacement parts for iPhone

The iPhones are one of the famous smartphones around the world. So naturally, many people around the world would be using the iPhone. This makes the demand for replacement parts pretty high. Like other smartphones iPhones too have many replacement parts. Some of them are,

LCD Screen:

One of the most vulnerable parts for damage in any phone is the screen. With the rise of touchscreen complete control of the phone is controlled by the screen. So if the screen breaks then it is hard to do basic operations on the phone. But today the iPhones are coming with gorilla glass which hard to break but when it is broken the LCD screen replacement kit will do to the job.

Replacement battery:

When compared to the android phones iPhones come with a long-lasting battery. But sometimes due to the life or software issues in the phone, the battery may drain out quickly. In this situation, Replacement battery kit will do the trick. If the problem proceeds, then bring it to the iPad Service Center in Chennai.


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