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IPhone X problems

IPhone X problems


We think Apple iPhone is great. If you read the reviews of the iPhone X, there are few issues with the new handset.

How to say iPhone X

X represents the roman numeral of 10. It is because 2017 is 10 years after the first iPhone launched in 2007. It is a special, celebratory anniversary iPhone. The right name of the iPhone X is iPhone 10.

Some of the iPhone X problem including the stock shortages face id safety, unresponsive screen, green line and buzzing speakers. If your iPhone X has these issues, contact Apple iPhone Service Center in Chennai. The experienced technicians in the iPhone Service Centre in Chennai will identify and fix the issues with no time.

Speaker buzzing issues

Some of the iPhone X users experience an alteration and vibrant sounds from the speaker of the iPhone X. The crackling sounds heard while using the iPhone X speaker at maximum volume. Some people experience the issue even at 50% volume. This was fixed only after a software update.

IPhone X headaches

Some of the iPhone X users are complaining about headaches and eye fatigue. It can be due to the use of pulse-width modulation that uses to dim the brightness of the display. It will cause the flickering effect that certain people are sensitive to.

If you face these kinds of issues, you can adjust the settings of your iPhone X.

Unresponsive screen

IPhone X screen becomes unresponsive in cold climate. Apple confirmed that it is aware of the concern. After a fast change to a cold environment, the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch.

Apple has continually advised that iPhones may not function in temperatures below 0º or above 35ºC

Face ID hacked

There were a lot of videos where identical twins are able to unlock each other iPhone. Apple has previously said that someone looks like you might able to unlock your iPhone.

IPhone X green line

Some iPhone X units are producing a green line on the side of the display.

IPhone X handsets are slower than others

Some of the iPhone X mobiles are slower than the others. This can be due to the various component used in the iPhone X handsets can be varied.

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