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The iPhone concept gets a twist to its notch

The iPhone concept gets a twist to its notch

The notch in the Apple iPhone X and iPhone XS has already produced many numbers of Android copiers, but the concept designer has advised an idea that could throw the shape and design into the competition. I.e. shifting the notch to the left side.

Based on the new invention, the designer told that the name of the Apple should be changed from iPhone to Apple iPhone and it will give it a new visibility and stylish look. He argues that shifting the notch to the one side will possibly provide more space for the icons and the other information in the status bar up top.

It also makes the iPhone looks different from the other android phones. Already other branded android phones have copied the style of the apple notch and fixed in their brands.

The designer also told that Apple has to integrate the styles of the phone, it will pull out from the top screen and should be connected through Bluetooth, like the type of Apple miniature pencil.

Next thing, the Apple concept gets a five lensed camera at the back side. In that, four of them would be the 12MP lens which can be wide and telephoto lens. The fifth lens is at the bottom which packs 20MP wide zoom camera, which is very nice to imagine but it doesn’t make good reviews.

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