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Hacks to make your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Hacks to make your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Not just in iPhones battery drain is an issue among almost all smartphone brands. No matter how careful you are in maintaining your iPhone’s battery you will experience battery drain at some point. But you can increase your iPhones battery life by following these simple tricks.

Latest update- If you sense that you’re your battery is draining then check whether your iPhone is updated to the latest software patch. If not then immediately update it because Apple will include battery fix with its new update each time.

Turn on Auto brightness- The biggest mistake many iPhone users make is keeping phones brightness to its brightest. This will drain the battery pretty soon, so make sure to put your phone in Auto brightness this will change the brightness according to lighting conditions.

Manage your apps- Apps are one of the most battery eaters. If there are any unwanted Apps in your mobile then uninstall it to save your battery life.

Even if drain drains after following all these tips then bring it to iPhone Service Center in Chennai.


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