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Fixing your iPhones water damage

Fixing your iPhones water damage

Dropped your iPhone into the water? It is always best to take your phone to iPhone service center near you. For Chennai people iPhone Service Center in Chennai is the best place to get your iPhone repaired. Here are the things you should do right after taking it from the water.

Things to do with water spoiled iPhone

  • Shut off the phone right away. If your phone is still running, then water damage the circuits in the phone.
  • Do not turn on the phone until water is fully dry. Turning on your phone when the water is still present may cause a short circuit.
  • Right after switching off the phone remove the back covers, SIM, MEMORY cards from the device.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry your phone for at least 15mins. Don’t use high temperature to dry your phone it may cause some problem.
  • Shook the phone into a bag of uncooked rice and make sure it is covered completely. The uncooked rice will absorb the moisture and any additional water on your iPhone.
  • Now try switching on your iPhone this will work. If it does not work, then repeat the steps for a couple of times.


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