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An easy fix for iPhone glass replacement

An easy fix for iPhone glass replacement

Most of us don’t handle our iPhone the same way we handled it when it is brand new. So there is a high possibility it may get damaged at some point in time. When you drop the phone, screen is the major part to get damaged. Here are some of the tips to fix your iPhone.

Immediately after the phone is dropped check whether the screen is working or not if so then the liquid crystal display LCD would be still intact. Then you can be at peace because only the exterior part of the screen is broken. This means the exterior glass should be replaced rather than replacing the expensive LCD panel. Replacing the glass is a very common procedure so you can do it by yourself. The first thing to do is buy the exact glass for your model after this remove the old panel using the specialized screws. After removing the panel, replace it with the new one. If you are nervous then it is best to take it to Apple Service Center in Chennai.


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