Apple Service Center in Chennai

Apple Service Center in Chennai

IPhone topped among the best-selling Smartphones Owing to the impressive performance, Iphone has topped the list of the best-selling mobile phones. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the Iphone has far exceeded the expectations in sales. After the Iphone launch, the Iphone X has been termed as a top-selling Iphone. Iphone is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. With…read more →

Take care of your iPhone

If you have brought a new mobile phone, you need to protect it. Battery is the most important part in the mobile phone. If you take care of your battery, you can increase its life span. Most of the people nowadays using iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Some of them experience sudden and unusual issues while using those phones….read more →

IPhone X problems

IPhone X problems We think Apple iPhone is great. If you read the reviews of the iPhone X, there are few issues with the new handset. How to say iPhone X X represents the roman numeral of 10. It is because 2017 is 10 years after the first iPhone launched in 2007. It is a special, celebratory anniversary iPhone. The…read more →

Best Expensive Mobiles in India

Looking for the best expensive mobile in India? Here is a list of most costly mobiles with features and specifications. Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) Rs.84,990 Apple iPhone 8 Plus runs iOS,11. It has 5.5 inch mobile display. 12 MP rear camera and 7MP front camera. It has non-removable Li-Ion battery. If your iPhone has any issues, contact iPhone Service…read more →

Amazing things you can do with your Apple watch

Amazing things you can do with your Apple watch Apple watch connects to your iPhone to provide notifications and to run apps. It acts as a smart watch and is known as iPhone watch. It is same as an iPhone placed on your wrist. If you understand what to do with your Apple watch, it will give you a great…read more →

The iPhone camera

The iPhone camera Most of us wondered about the iPhone camera. It is because to develop its technology, Apple has an army of people to work. For perfecting the iPhone camera, the company has more than 800 engineers. The iPhone camera is the most used part of the iPhone. The employees of the company put a great effort to make…read more →


AirPower Apple introduces a wireless charging pad. It charges your iPhone, Air pods and Apple watch. AirPower works without the special case. You don’t need to plug in your iPhone. You just plop your iPhone on to the AirPower pad, it starts charging. Place the AirPower anywhere and plug it. Then place your Apple devices on the pad. An electromagnetic…read more →

The iPhone X

The iPhone X Apple planned to release the iPhone X. In this blog you can find the release date, specifications, features and price of the iPhone X. The iPhone X is pronounced as iPhone ten. X represents the Roman numeral for 10.  It is because, 2017 is 10 years after the first iPhone launched in 2007. Hence it is considered…read more →

Protecting iPhone from damage

You can make calls, browse the web, text and send messages with your Apple iPhone. If you keep the device safe from damages, it will work properly. If you drop your phone, it leads to a broken screen, total failure and non-working components. To protect your iPhone from drop damage, you need to treat it like valuable investment in your…read more →

How to protect iPhone from Water Damage

How to protect iPhone from Water Damage To protect our mobile phone from water damage, we keep them in a safe place like bags, pockets and more. It is not possible to keep the mobiles in the bag anytime. It is so difficult. To avoid the iPhone from water damage, you can do two things.          …read more →