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Apple Service Center in Chennai

Apple Service Center in Chennai

IPhone topped among the best-selling Smartphones

Owing to the impressive performance, Iphone has topped the list of the best-selling mobile phones. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the Iphone has far exceeded the expectations in sales. After the Iphone launch, the Iphone X has been termed as a top-selling Iphone. Iphone is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. With the help of the multi-touch screen, the user interface has been built. Iphone has the WIFI options in which it can be connected to multiple networks. Apple Service Center in Chennai has many locations for service and repair problems.

An Iphone has many features in which you can shoot videos, take photos, and listen to music, web applications which include sending and receiving mail. It also contains GPS navigation and one can receive voicemails. There are other functionalities which include gaming, browsing, usage of mobile app and downloading through the same. The Iphone Service Center in Chennai provides best Iphone services by qualified technicians.

Several generations of Iphone models have been released in the recent years. Apple has started releasing many features with improved functionalities. It has improved camera and face recognition system. Iphone is considered to be the revolutionary and most specifically a game changer in the mobile phone industry. Apple is considered to be the best-branded smartphones in the city.

Iphone has a 24-month upgrade program in which the user need not pay to get the latest feature on Iphone every year. It is said to consist of minimum hardware user interface and with minimal buttons. It contains only the home button and the primary function is it closes the active applications and gets navigated to the home page. It is present directly below the display. The fingerprint recognition uses the home button and it has no symbol.

It has many sensors like proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, fingerprint and facial recognition sensor. At the bottom of the phone contains the speaker and the microphone. The battery is generally charged when connected to a computer or using the USB through which one can directly charge from an AC outlet. Apple phone has been released with internal storage facilities. Iphone has an IOS operating system which is the same as found in the mac system. Thus owing to all these features and functionalities, the Iphone tops among the best-selling smartphones in the world.


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