The extraordinary iPhone leaks this year revealed directly from the Apple, and on to many occasions, it is going to be a coincidence. Now with the iPhone, the sales result in significant price cuts. Apple changes it again teasing a red-hot upgrade for the iPhone. Apple has listed a patent regarding the results of touch ID and work beside face ID in the iPhone.

Taking the inspirations from these factors, the Apple works to build up the Touch ID for the display of the iPhone. The Apple’s second leak is that release of the display touch ID phone in 2019. In the earlier of December Apple filed iPhone Touch ID patents to acquire the technology behind the Touch ID.

Why the return of the touch ID be so useful for the people?

First, unlocking the screen of the phone with the fingerprint is more convenient than lifting it up towards the face. Second, the strength of the bio-metric results in the combination, but not in the isolation. Simultaneously the verification with the face as well as the fingerprint is extremely strong and Apple had already revealed the plans to promote that the iPhone is only potential to replace the ID documents, so that the upgrade should be essential.

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