Like the previous reports in Apple, Apple IOS 12.1.2 was always a concern and the reports about the data connection in the mobile phone were turned out into the disaster. This was filed a new complication problem related to the connectivity. There are millions of users using the iPhone and its products all around the world.

The users are upgrading the Apple IOS 12.1.2 everywhere. After the updating of the software, many users find the variance in the usage of mobile network and the connectivity. It has emerged that the update of the software is breaking the Wi-Fi connectivity sometimes. Because of these problems, many users are hit with the cellular data bug and suffering from the broken Wi-Fi connection on the top of the screen in the iPhone. With the loss of the connection, many devices of the users are turning into the costly paperweight.

The major complaints about these issues are many users are suffering from the continuous connectivity break in most of the countries. Furthermore, the break is like the mobile data bug, continuously faced by the owner. If any users face this kind of problem means, you can contact iPhone service center in Chennai for getting it rectified in future.