Apple began rolling out of the IOS 12.1.1 update to its iPhone and iPad worldwide. This will make the users consider live photos during the one to one face calls, such as E-sim support for iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Apple devices such as iPhone XR and iPhone XS started receiving 12.1.1 update.

Through this latest update the users will receive extended E-sim facilities i.e. dual sim facility, live FaceTime calls between the two users. It also brings haptic touch-based information preview in addition to that in the iPhone XR. This E-sim support is open for all the users across the globe. This haptic information is like 3D touch, it will allow the users to receive the long press notification in the lock screen, in order to get more content details.

The face time screen receives a button in the bottom of the screen that comes with the options such as the camera button and muting a call button.

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