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The applications that temporarily released as free by IOS developers

The applications that temporarily released as free by IOS developers

The IOS developers starting this month on the strong foot, with the great offer on this day, the best IOS applications are released in the IOS store as free for limited time. There are eight different apps on today’s list, but this offer will end up at any time, so download it when you can.

  1. Loner – It is like the game app, it tells you the journey of a lonely man from his past to present.

              Features: unique game mode, the original music.

  1. Btw-puzzle mode- innovative puzzle games with dozens of levels.

             Features – 88levels, user-friendly design.

  1. AR SHOOT- find target – use the augmented camera to find the target in your surrounding and shoot it with animation fire and win the prize
  2. Cat vs. dogs – Animal war – the dogs and cat will fight from their experience. You have to defend a bone from the dog.
  3. Tweety pro – Twitter widgets – view your twitter timeline, messages and even lists inside any of the application to get updated about the newsfeed.
  4. Translate photo– it allows you to print sources such as documents, prints, books etc…and allows translating into any of the 90 languages.
  5. Phototangler– It is a powerful app that turns your favorite photo into the beautiful collages. It looks like a magic when it gets turned into collages.

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