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2018 Apple’s IPhone have a serious naming problem

2018 Apple’s IPhone have a serious naming problem

Apple is going to launch the new iPhone in the fall. Yes, this is known to all, But know little more than that. Exactly Apple is in the confusion of naming the devices which is going to be released in future. Apple will be launching three models, a replacement to iPhone X model, a large screen model phone, a new model that is the mirror of the X design, but expected to be quite little features so may be sell it in low cost.

It is considered that, the dual sim phones may be in the works which will be come in future. There is many reports about the screen sizes, features and technology in the phones. For the name of iPhone, it has really painted its corner. In last year, Apple released the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus alongside the iPhone 10 which was designated as X.

This invention will be considered as confusion, that new phones will be confused to identify and cant able to differentiate between the both. Whatever may happens, the Apple has already made its achievements, there’s a good chance the 2018 models will have confusing names to date, but now, recently becoming the first company in the history.

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